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Ernesto Cabrera
Ernesto Cabrera


Hemp and CBD

Ernesto Cabrera is a Swiss Privately held Company specialized in the research, development and manufacturing of the highest quality Organic foods, cosmetics and apparel products for over 20 years.  By understanding the Science of Hemp and CBD we are able to address the following quandaries:


· CBD & CBD Oil

· CBD Psychology

· CBD Law

Our Hemp Oil

A liquid substance derived from the Hemp plant not limited to the seeds, the stalk and most importantly from the flowers.

Hemp Seed Oil

This oil is extracted from the seeds and is used for edible applications such as salad dressings, garnishment, seasonings, baking.  This oil is not suitable for frying.

Hemp CBD Oil

This oil is extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant for its CBD content and it has 0% THC and 0.2%CBD in 99.8% of the time.

Hemp Flower Oil

This oil is extracted from the Hemp flower for its concentrate to produce CBD, and our phyto-botanical topical applications such as cologne, parfum. therapeutic elixirs, lotions with SPF, lip moisturizers with SPF, soaps, shower gels, hair moisturizers, face serums, and many food products.


CBD contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E making it suitable for many food and cosmetic applications.  CBD does not contains any Psychoactive ingredients. In addition, scientific research has found that CBD may aid in the treatment of many neurological and dermatological ailments.

CBD & Hemp Oil

Our cannabidiol oil (CBD) is a natural botanical extract of the hemp plantwhich only contains trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%).  CBD oil is often derived from other strains that contain more THC. The CBD compound is the same in all CBD oils, whether its hemp or otherwise.

Hemp Oil

At Ernesto Cabrera, our hemp oil is derived from Organic Cannabis Sativa plant commonly know as hemp, which naturally contains CBD traces of only 0.2%.  However, not all hemp is suitable for the aforementioned applications (suitable for human consumption).


CBD hemp oil interacts with your body through the Cannabinoid system(ECS).  This system balances our body’s homeostasis through chemical compounds and receptors simultaneously to maintain such equilibrium.  Hence, when used properly, CBD hemp oil may aid in the normal function of your internal organs, such as your intestinal track and immune system, it may aid in the reduction of pain, insomnia and increase of serotonin levels.


As well as positively affecting the Endocannabinoid System, CBD hemp oil has been shown to have a variety of benefits such as:

· Pain Relieve

· Reduce Inflammation

· Reduce Anxiety

· Fight Cancer

· Treat Neurological Disorders, Seizures

· Relieve Nausea 

· Promote Sleep/ Eliminate Insomnia

· Cardiovascular Health

Understanding the effects of CBD & THC.

Our CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant whereas THC comes from the Cannabis Indica plants.

CBD stands for cannabidiol - a natural compound found within the Cannabis Sativa plant without the Psychoactive compound.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and, is also a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Indica plants.  THC is the compound that’s responsible for causing the “getting high” effect and it is highly regulated in many countries.

Scientific Differences

CBD and THC may share the same chemical composition, but their atomic qualities differ.  Both are considered cyclic compounds, where one or more of the atoms in the compounds connect to form a ring.  CBD has an open ring, while THC has a closed ring. Why does this matter? It’s this arrangement that means they interact differently with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors.

CBD from Hemp

While THC and CBD are both found in cannabis plants, THC is most plentiful in other forms of cannabis while CBD is found in higher quantities in hemp.  When other types of cannabis are grown, the THC content tends to be maximized to produce more powerful intoxicating effects.  Hemp, on the other hand, is dominated by CBD.  In order for a cannabis plant to be classified as ‘hemp’, its THC content is to be no more than 0.3% in many countries.

CBD, THC and Anxiety

At Ernesto Cabrera, we have research for over 60 years the Benefits of CBD and medical studies have suggested that CBD can help with anxiety and panic attacks whereas THC, may have the opposite by increasing paranoia, as suggested by many medical studies.  However, some studies have suggestedthat when THC is combined with CBD, the negative effects are lessened and/or diminished.


CBD from the Cannabis Indica plant is not legal in many countries as it is considered a Controlled Substance (Schedule 1) alongside THC derivatives, opioids and many narcotics and pharmaceutical products whereas CBD is currently being accepted for medicinal, foods and therapeutic applications around developed countries.


Below a pharmacological explanation on the effects of CBD and THC reaction in our nervous system.

· High THC + low CBD (e.g. 10-30% THC + trace amounts of CBD):

High levels of euphoria and hallucination, increased anxiety.

· Balanced CBD/THC (e.g. 5-15% THC and CBD):

Increases levels of anxiety and euphoria.

· High CBD + low THC (e.g. 5-20% CBD + THC under 5%):

No Psychoactive Results, health benefits.

At Ernesto Cabrera, all our products are derived from Non GMO Organic Cannabis Sativa/Hemp CBD plant.

Delivery Methods

*Sublingual/Drops - Under Tongue

This method allows faster absorption of the compounds to enter the blood stream through the capillary glands under your tongue in many cases under 1 hour.  Follow our label instructions for more information.

*Soft Gels

CBD capsules and soft gels, edibles, is easier to know precisely milligrams of CBD intake without the taste of CBD oil and it is more cost effective.  However, it may take circa 2 hours to enter the blood stream as it has to be digested and process by the liver.


Inhaling/Vaping CBD allows for immediate absorption of the compound to the blood vessels through your lungs.

*Fastest Delivery Method 99.8% Purity

- CBD Diamonds with Vaporizer

Allows for immediate absorption of the compound to the blood vessels through your lungs.

Topical Applications:

Balsams, Oils, Moisturizers, Pain Relieve Ointments, Serums.

*It is absorbed through the skin via receptors to moisturize, treat topical dermatological ailments and relieve muscular pain.


*Consult our group of experts at

Consult your Primary Care Physician.  Discuss the use of any CBD products with a medical professional prior to using any of our products.


Ernesto Cabrera AG makes use of a cold manufacturing process to reproduce a similar chemical composition in our oils to that which is found in the original hemp plant. Throughout the ages, this equilibrium has been thought to be effective in aiding the healing of the human body and maintaining good health.  We use a CO2 extraction process to produce the highest quality of organic hemp oil available in the market.

CBD Health Benefits 


One benefit of CBD hemp oil is that it may help in managing anxiety symptoms due to its close relationship with the central nervous system. As research has suggested, CBD hemp oil use could help because it may activate the serotonin 5HT1-A receptor (the ‘feel good’ chemical) found in the cerebral cortex, hippocampus and amygdala — areas in the brain involved in mood and anxiety disorders.  One study found that a 600mg dose of CBD helped those with social anxiety, while earlier research with animals has shown that CBD can help reduce anxiety by:

· Reducing Stress Levels

· Reducing Anxiety

· Reduce Insomnia

*In many cases CBD may regulate blood pressure.


Because CBD may be able to positively affect your brain’s receptors, regular hemp oil usage *may also help with how you manage pain in conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, headaches, arthritis, spinal cord injuries and fibromyalgia by releasing dopamine and serotonin to lessen pain


*Hemp CBD may aid in the treatment of Seborrhea, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Acne and many other dermatological ailments as a result of allergic reactions to foods, chemicals and synthetic apparel products.


*One preclinical trial found that CBD lessens the incidence of diabetes from 86% to 30% in diabetic rodents. This is partly due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, which is able to slow down the onset of diabetes.

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*These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA in the United States. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Consult your Primary Care Physician before using this product.  Avoid if you are planning to become pregnant, are pregnant, or lactating.  Keep away from the reach of children.